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  • Peru - The Truth about the "Truth Commission" (October 2003)

    *Make up of Commission shows which side they're on*Tortures and Disappearances by Government Forces*Justifying Reactionary Violence *Deception with Numbers*After the Commission: A Question of Justice and Injustice*

    The CSRP analyses the recently published "Truth Commission" Report in Peru.

  • Who is oppressing the Revolutionary Women of Peru (October 2003)

    More on the recently published "Truth Commission" Report in Peru.

  • "The Dancer Upstairs" Counter-Revolution Hits the Big Screen (220k PDF) (May.03)
  • Peru Action and News
    Winter 2002
    (410k PDF) Contents: 10th Anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's Historic "Speech from the Cage" * Protestors Rock Peru - Short-Circuit Privatization of Public Electricity Generators, more *
  • 10th Anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's Speech from the Cage (September.02)

  • AWTW: Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo (June.02)

    A World to Win
    now online at:

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  • The CSRP is a participant in the Anti-Intervention Network: NO U.S. Troops, Anywhere/Anytime! , The People of the World are Not Our Enemy..., Support GI Resistance.


    Chairman Gonzalo on Trial in Peru

    by the Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru


    News broke on November 5 of the dramatic opening and sudden postponement of the trial of Chairman Gonzalo and the 17 other accused leaders, members and supporters. According to initial reports, including photos and video, Chairman Gonzalo and other defendants stood up in the courtroom in front of the press and the cameras with their fists in the air, chanting "Long Live the PCP" and "Glory to Marxism, Leninism, Maoism." The courtroom was thrown into chaos. The judge immediately evicted the news media and ordered the trial postponed for a week. The Peruvian authorities vowed to continue with the trial but said they will take firm measures to prevent any further disruptions of their legal proceedings. This was the first time that Chairman Gonzalo has been allowed to appear in any way before the public and the media in the 12 years since he was convicted and locked away at Callao Naval Base in 1992. (more: see article)

    The Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru (CSRP) works in our communities to build political support for the People's War and active resistance to the Peruvian regime. The People's War is led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) -- often referred to as "Sendero Luminoso" or "Shining Path" by the media. We distribute the writings of the PCP (Partido Comunista del Peru) and other materials that help people understand what this revolution is about. We expose the lies about the revolution put forward by the US-backed regime and its apologists, while opposing US and other foreign intervention. We organize against the repression and terror directed at the revolution and the Peruvian people. We're all-volunteer, from our national office staff to our student agitators -- we rely on yearly membership dues, material purchases and contributions to pay our office rent, phone, postage and printing expenses. If you want to hook up with, support and/or join us, please contact us today by phone, fax or postal mail.

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